Neck mass biopsy in Iran

The diagnosis of some neck masses may be perplexed, especially in interfered area such neck that contains pharyngeal, larynx, trachea, thyroid gland, lymph node, etc. and their neighborhoods such (mandible bone and salivary gland, etc.). The surgeon may ask for a biopsy to reach a decisive diagnosis and to be certain of the kind of the tumor and the treatment modality. Neck mass biopsy is a delicate procedure that must be done by a professional surgeon. For this reason, if you need this procedure, we call you to consider having neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi the well-known ENT surgeon in Tehran.

Please continue reading to have a better understanding on this procedure and the benefits of having it done in Iran by Dr. Saeedi.

What is neck mass biopsy?

Due to the neck position and its content (pharyngeal, larynx, trachea, thyroid gland, lymph node…) and their neighborhoods such as mandible bone and salivary gland and so on, the neck is apt to many lesions, masses, tumors, cysts that may need for proper and final diagnosis.

neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi
A sample of neck masses.

A biopsy is a removed cellular material from a mass, tumor, cyst or lump to be examined by microscope and evaluated by the medical team. The result of neck tumor biopsy enables the medical team to know whether the mass is reactive, inflammatory, cystic lesion from benign or malignant tumor and to determine the type of the tumor, its prognosis and the treatment modality needed.

Why opt for a neck mass biopsy in Iran?

Iran is an advanced medical country in the Middle East region and has many advanced facilities (hospitals, clinics, laboratories, etc.), and the country is the home of very distinguish surgeons in neck surgery. In addition, the low prices for their medical services that are due to their cheap currency form a decisive factor in making many patients from all over the world consider having their surgeries in Iran.

Why perform your neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi?

Dr. Saeedi is one of the most prominent ENT surgeons and otolaryngologist in Iran. She is an associate professor in Baqiyatallah University of Medical Sciences in Tehran and has a fellowship in ear nose and throat (ENT) and in head & neck surgery since more than 12 years.

She has performed more than 7,000 complex surgeries for Iranian patients and patients from all around the world and she has passed many specialized courses in medically developed countries such as Germany, Portugal, France, South Korea, Malaysia and others. Please contact us now through the Doctor’s social media channels or this website to have a free consultation about having neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi.

What is the neck mass biopsy procedure?

The neck mass biopsy is a simple though delicate procedure in which the specialist pushes a fine needle through the lump, with or without negative pressure, to obtain materials from the targeted area. There is no difference between the neck mass biopsy result with aspiration and neck mass biopsy result without aspiration.

What is the most indication for biopsy of neck masses?

Every palpable mass or every mass appears by imaging techniques may need a biopsy to recognize its nature, but the most neck masses biopsies include:

  • Lymph node
  • Thyroid gland
  • Salivary glands
  • Cystic lesion of the neck-branchial cleft and thyroglossal duct cysts
  • Diverse parathyroid tumor, dermoid cyst, and teratomas

This is while the biopsy is not recommended for a small node, unclear formation, or asymmetries and small deviation.

What is the contraindication to the biopsy?

A fine needle biopsy of a neck mass is generally simple and safe. However, there are many cases that require more attention:

  • A biopsy for neck mass in the region of carotid division may cause serious complications. Imaging is preferable in these cases.
  • Some care is needed for the patients who take aspirin and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • Patients who have bleeding or anticoagulant troubles may have a consultation about stopping their anticoagulant remedy before fine needle biopsy. If not, ultrasound-guided neck mass biopsy may be used to recognize small vessels and keep away from them.

Is anesthesia necessary for a biopsy mass in the neck?

Dermal spray anesthetic is sufficient for a biopsy mass in the neck. However, if there is an inflammation in the lump, then deep anesthesia is required. Fine needle biopsy may be done without anesthesia at all.

What are the needed tools for fine needle neck mass biopsy?

Taking a neck mass biopsy needs the following tools:

  • Needles: with 22 to 27 gauge needle of suitable length and a clear hub
  • Syringe 10 ML (in case of the application of aspiration method)
  • Pistol grip syringe holder
  • Pad, gauze sponge
  • Glass slides

Preparation for neck biopsy

The surgeon have to do the following before performing neck mass biopsy procedure:

  • Inform the patient about the possibility of infection or hematoma, and take his consent.
  • Write the patient name on the slide before taking a biopsy of neck lump.
  • Put the patient in a proper position.
  • Clean well the skin in the area with alcohol.
  • Apply local anesthesia.

How biopsy procedure for a neck lump is done?

Two techniques are mainly employed in the neck mass biopsy procedure:

Neck mass biopsy with aspiration technique

After preparation, the doctor fixes the lump with his fingers. Then he/she pushes a fine needle attached to a syringe into a mass, draws the plunger of the syringe and moves the needle back and forth inside the lump. He/she stops the suction and pulls the needle. He/she detaches the needle and fills the syringe with air, attaches the needle to the syringe and expel the specimen from the needle to a glass microscope slide.

neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi
Taking neck mass biopsy.

Neck mass biopsy without aspiration technique

After the doctor fixes the lump, he/she pushes the needle alone into the mass and moves it quickly forth and back and in a circular motion. He/she draws the needle, attaches it to a syringe and put the specimen on a glass microscope slide.

What to do after a neck mass biopsy?

The surgeon may put a bandage over the site of biopsy for several hours, and you may need an over-counter analgesic (excluding aspirin). It is recommended to keep the site of biopsy wet by using some ointments, and to avoid lifting heavyweight, bathing, swimming and performing strenuous exercise for one or two days especially in case of surgical biopsy.

What is the cost of neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi?

While the surgical biopsy of the lymph node may reach $3,500 in the U.S.A, the cost of neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi is a fraction of this sum due to Iranian cheap currency while delivering the good medical services provided in other developed countries. Feel free to contact us to get a free consultation and price quote on neck mass biopsy in Iran with Dr. Saeedi.

Frequently Asked Questions about Neck Mass Biopsy

How long do neck biopsy results take?

Generally, fine-needle neck mass biopsy results take about 5 to 7 days to appear.

What does a mass in the neck mean?

A neck mass means any abnormal growth that happens in the neck such as tumor, lump, cyst, large lymph node. Usually, it begins as a small node and grows gradually. Acute infection may cause rapid tumor in the neck, but it is mostly temporary and curable.

What percentage of lymph node biopsies is cancer?

The result of a study on 342 biopsies showed that 34% of the total biopsies were malignant, either lymphoreticular or metastatic and 15% of them were tuberculous lymphadenitis, while 45% of them were benign.

How is a neck lymph node biopsy done?

The pathologist takes an excisional neck mass biopsy. After that, the surgeon removes the lymph node completely. This is while in open biopsy neck mass, he/she only removes a part of the lymph node.

Do neck biopsies hurt?

Generally, you may feel a simple sting during a neck lump biopsy but external local anesthetic lessens the pain. However, in inflamed lump or in deep core needle neck mass biopsy, the patient may receive an anesthetic injection.

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