Glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran

As we all know, some diseases transfer genetically from one or both parents. Glomus tumor is one of these genetic diseases. jugulare glomus tumor is placed on the acoustic nerve in the middle ear behind eardrum. Usually, it is slow growing. However, there are cases where the tumor grows rapidly and largely, which might be harmful on the brain and the acoustic nerve. Glomus tumor removal surgery is crucial operation since the tumor is often placed near sensitive nerves and tissues. Furthermore, the transformation of the tumor into something malignant could be fatal. For the previous reasons, the patient should resort to a specialized surgeon. However, many people cannot afford the highly costs of such specialized surgeons in the countries where they reside. Lucky for you, Iran provides affordable glomus tumor operations that are performed by the best and most famous ENT and otolaryngology surgeons, such as Dr. Saeedi. Please keep reading to get more information about glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. saeedi.

What is glomus tumor in the ear?

In general, Glomus tumor is a noncancerous tumor that originates from the paraganglionic tissues. This tumor could be anywhere in the body where nerve cells are spread. In the middle ear, glomus tumor arises from Schwann cells. It is placed on the acoustic nerve. It is usually benign and slow-growing. However, it could transform into some malignant neoplasm in the future. Therefore, it is better to have it removed for the safety of the patient.

glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. Saeedi
What is glomus jugulare tumor?

Why do we need to have a glomus tumor excision surgery?

Even though glomus tumors are mostly benign and slow growing, their growth hinders the vital processes of the body, causes pain, and might develop cancer in the future.

What are the benefits of glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. Saeedi?

ENT departments in the Iranian hospitals are well-equipped with the latest medical equipment. In addition to that, ENT doctors and surgeons are highly qualified and experienced. They are among the pioneers in the usage of new medical technology. They perform various numbers of ENT surgeries and treat many ENT cases especially the case of glomus tumors.

Dr. Masoumah Saeedi is one of the distinguished ENT surgeons, neck and head surgeons and otolaryngologists in Tehran and in Iran as a whole. She obtained a fellowship in otolaryngology more than 12 years ago and she is an associate professor at Baqiatallah University of Medical Sciences in Tehran.

Dr. Saeedi is keen to perform glomus tumor excision surgery in the best hospitals of Tehran to ensure that her patients get to the best healthcare services. Please contact us for a free online consultation on glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. Saeedi.

What makes a good candidate for glomus tumor removal surgery?

Glomus tumor symptoms are usually slow growing. The gradual growth of glomus tumor causes pressure on the acoustic nerve which leads to clear symptoms such as:

  • A pulse in the ear,
  • Gradual Hearing disorder,
  • A pain in the ear,
  • Bleeding,
  • Facial palsy,
  • Dizziness,
  • In rare cases, it causes a weakness in the facial muscles.

The more the tumor grows, the clearer the symptoms are. There are some rare cases where the tumor grows largely and applies pressure on the brain, which could be dangerous.

How to diagnose a glomus tumor in the ear?

In the early stages of the tumor, it is hard to diagnose it because the symptoms are not clear. In later stages, the symptoms develop and become painful and irritating causing several problems in the middle ear that might reach the brain. Symptoms like hearing loss can be very misleading because they indicate other middle ear problems too. Therefore, after asking about the symptoms, the doctor physically examines your ear and then requests some test like:

Hearing test: the doctor directs different sounds and tones towards each of the ears and asks the patient to define the time he receives the sound.

MRI: it is the best test to confirm the existence of the glomus tumor. In addition to that, it can reveal the smallest tumors.

What are the types of glomus tumor treatments?

Glomus tumor treatment differs according to the size of the tumor, its growth, and the patient’s health.

While discussing the treatment of the tumor, the doctor will offer three suggestions, which are:

  • Observation: if the tumor is in a fixed size, slowly growing, or causing harmless symptoms, the doctor will suggest the observation of the tumor’s development.
  • Surgery: where a surgical operation is performed to eradicate the tumor partially or completely and preserve the facial nerves, prevent the occurrence face palsy, and hearing loss.
  • Gamma knife radio surgery: a radiation that is used to prevent the glomus tumor from growing and to preserve hearing and nerve functions. It is performed under general anesthesia. It does not contain surgical incisions. It can be performed along with surgery. What distinguishes radiation is that it only takes about a half an hour treatment and then the patient can immediately resume all kinds of regular activities. However, it is better to have a complete removal of the tumor to prevent cancerous developments in the future.
  • Combinational treatment: it is done according to the patient’s condition. For better results, Surgery could be combined with radiation.

Before glomus tumor surgery

  • The thought of losing the ability to hear or having a facial paralysis is irritating. Therefore, you should gather more information about the glomus tumor for a better understanding of your condition and choosing the best treatment method.
  • You can also consult your friends and family for more support.
  • If you have any question, the doctor will give you the answer to it.
  • Inform the doctor about any kind of medication that you are on.
  • Inform the doctor if you have any chronic diseases.
  • Do physical tests, blood tests, and MRI tests.

How is glomus tumor removal surgery done?

It is performed under general anesthesia. The surgeon removes the tumor through the middle ear or by a surgical incision that is made in the skill. If the tumor is in a sensitive position in the brain or near the facial nerve, it is risky to remove it completely. Therefore, it is partially removed.

Glomus tumor removal risks

Surgeries are often accompanied by some risks. However, these risks can be reduced by a specialized surgeon. Glomus tumor surgery risks are:

  • CSF leak,
  • Hearing loss,
  • Facial muscle weakness,
  • Facial numbness,
  • Tinnitus in the ear,
  • Balance troubles,
  • Chronic headache,
  • Peri myelitis,

Glomus tumor removal surgery benefits

Glomus tumor removal surgery restores balance and removes the pressure that is applied by the tumor on the nerve.

Glomus tumor surgery recovery time

Healing time after the surgery for glomus tumor excision varies according to the size of the tumor. Some might take 6 weeks. After 6 weeks, the patient could go back to work and life routine. It is better to pay the doctor a visit to check on your progress after the surgery.

The cost of glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. Saeedi

Iran is known for its historical medical background. Till now, Iran has the best surgeons in the world who perform successful surgeries with low costs compared to other countries. The cost of such a surgery in India for example starts from $1,600, while the cost of glomus tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. Saeedi is more affordable than any other country. Please throw us a message to get a free online consultation and quote for glumos tumor removal surgery in Iran with Dr. Saeedi.

Frequently asked questions about the removal of glomus tumor

Can glomus tumors grow back?

There is a chance that glomus tumors could grow back. For this reason, constant medical observation is very important for the patients who had undergone glomus tumor removal surgery.

Can glomus tumors be cancerous?

Glomus tumors are often benign tumors. However, there might be a chance that the tumor could transform into some malignant neoplasm, which could be deadly.

Can glomus tumors cause vertigo?

Yes, glomus tumors could cause vertigo and cause body imbalance.

What causes glomus tumors?

The reason behind tumor formation on the acoustic nerve is a genetic malfunction in the chromosome 22. This gene is responsible for producing repressor proteins that help control the growth of Schwann-cells.

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